Aluminum Staining!

Dear Dom,

I am having problems with my metal working fluid which is staining 6060 ALuminum.

Is there any ASTM method for me check/validate the staining performance of a coolant on AL strips.

Also is there a specific procedure to prepare a AL test strip ?

Thanks in advance, Koushik

Dear Reader,

There is an ASTM method you need a 6060 Aluminum Coupon. You would place the coupon into your diluted metalworking fluid (the concentration should be the use concentration) let the sample stan over night and eveluate the coupon the next day observe the stain in the liquid phase the air phase and the liquid air interphase. This data will help you select the best non-ferrous stain ingibitor. Also the ASTM Procedure will tell you how to prep the coupon. Good Luck and Thanks for reading,

All Best


Y don't use a stain inhibitor. u can incorporate a stain inhibitor in your MWF to avoid the problem you are facing. i hope it helps. J Shah , Mumbai

I dont know if there is any standard method but u can try dipping a piece of the alloy in the coolant emulsion/solution in a way so that a part is dipped and a part above. You can do it both at RT or at 50degC. The time of dip depends on your process.... i.e. how long your components are in contact with the fluid banerjei