Three Stage Metalworking Fluid Mist Collectors

  • Posted on: 29 April 2014
  • By: SandBlaster

Today we are looking at the Three Stage Mist collectors from AEROEX MIST ELIMINATORS . The 1st stage mechanical elements separate 90 - 95% of the mist and solids. The fluid drains out of the air flow, reducing evaporation and odors. The 2nd stage agglomerator is an unique depth filter, layers of stainless steel wire mesh weaved with oil attracting fibers. Efficiency is high as the air travels though a bed of coarse and fine fibers at a low velocity. Channels between each layer provide exceptional fluid drainage. Optional is a On-Line Cleaning System for flushing out congealed coolant concentrate and fine solids. The 3rd stage filter is a policing filter to capture sub-micron mist, smoke and bacteria. A selection of filter options are available from 90% ASHRAE (MERV14) to HEPA 99.97% @0.3 microns. AEROEX offers a HEPA 95% @ 0.3 microns exclusively for oil mist with a heavy duty microglass media. They claim no other product holds as much oil or lasts as long. Typical life is 2 to 4 years.